5 things to ask your wedding photographer

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It’s going to be your most important day.  And someone you have never met before will be recording it for you.  You could end up with dream photographs you will treasure for the rest of your life.  Or it could all end in tears.  

So how do you make sure you choose right?  Follow these 5 important pointers, and you’ll make sure you get those dream photographs:

1. can they describe back to you what you want?

Has the photographer asked you, in full detail, about the plan for the day? Are they able to summarise it, and have they taken notes of what you’ve said? Do they understand the style of shots you want, and which emotions you want captured? Put simply, have they listened to what you want, and are you confident they can deliver it?

2. how will they get to know you?

What efforts have they made to meet you beforehand, and view the locations with you? Are they offering to do a pre-shoot to get you both used to being photographed? Have they understood the style you want, and evidenced that they can shoot this way? Are they keen to meet you both, and your closest friends and family?

3. how will you make sure they fit in to your day?

What will they be wearing? Will they be keeping to your colour theme (purple underpants excepted)? Do they know all of the detailed touches you will be having, and have you briefed them fully to capture this? Will they treat you and your guests with the attention they deserve?

4. what will they do if it goes wrong?

Have they got back-up camera body/lenses/flash/power? How many memory cards do they use? Have they got an assistant who can cover if they fall ill at the last moment? Have you got their contact details (and vice versa), so any last minute mishaps can be communicated immediately?

5. what will you get at the end of it all?

How soon will you get the final images? How will they be delivered? How many images will you get? What arrangements are there for albums, individual prints, web galleries etc? Will you want the top 50 images delivered immediately so you can enjoy them the day after?

And maybe there’s a sixth one too – does your photographer have that x-factor that you’re looking for?  Only you can answer that…

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