www.julianfoxonphotography.com Bath wedding photographer Julian Foxon is a semi-professional photographer, balancing a marketing business with evening and weekend professional photography. My first foray into commercial photography was as a photographer for a ski company in 1990s.  Since then I’ve expanded into wedding and event photgraphy, with a specialism in capturing emotion.

Bath wedding photographer

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Either through the emotional impact of a theatrical or musical performance, or the emotional involvement of an audience listening to their favourite performer, or the emotional intensity of a couple and their family and close friends at a wedding.  If you want to find out more about Julian Foxon Photography, or what I do, get in touch – everything you need is below:


Some further details on Bath wedding photographer, Julian Foxon.  My whole attitude to wedding photography is summed up in two phrases: firstly “capturing emotion”, and secondly “listening to what you want”.  Its the most important day of your life, and its vital that I give you what you need.  I’ll spend time with you weeks in advance establishing exactly what you want, what emotions you want captured, how the day will pan out, who is who, which shots you need taken.

I love being at the centre of your day, and want everything to go perfectly for you – so that needs planning and thinking through, and having my kit exactly right so I can focus on capturing the emotion of the day.

You’ll see lots of shots from weddings across the past 2 years on the home page and on the Gallery pages.  Depending on the package you take, I could be with you from early in the morning as you’re getting ready with the bridesmaids, or later as the guests are gathering at the church. My ideal is to be capturing everything across the day, in a documentary style, although to be totally guided by you.

I would typically take somewhere between 500 and 1,000 shots across the day, working on 2 camera bodies, with several on- or off-camera flashes (and more formal lighting if needed), and probably up to four lenses. I work swiftly, quietly and professionally.


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