Personal tragedy: voyeurism or avoid

I always struggle with documentary photography when its primary concern is other peoples’ misery or misfortune.  Much of the recent footage or images about the severe weather we’ve been having here in the UK is geared towards capturing the vastness of the waves or flooding, and the impact it has in destroying peoples’ lives.  I guess this is what people are intrigued by, and in short it sells papers.  But not so sure that its an area I want to major in, I’ll leave that to the others.  This is emotion that I do not want to capture. One of the greatest photographers of warzones and conflicts, Don McCullin, puts it appropriately: “Seeing, looking at what others cannot bear to see is what my life is all about”.  My preference is instead to capture the emotions of happiness, intensity, captivation, joy, surprise, wonderment, expectation, and so the list goes on – there is more than enough there to keep me busy, without intruding on peoples’ despair.

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