Say “cheeks” not “cheese” to get that genuine smile

Simple yet effective.  As someone who has sometimes struggled to know what to say to coax my sitter into the best pose (for example, once asking Alastair Campbell to “give us a smile”), this can be really rather effective.  Aside from getting people slightly amused, and therefore in that nice place of genuine delight, it does apparently position the face into a naturally wonderful smile. See this informative article from Petapixel for more info.

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Nice smile!





























Known as the Duchenne smile, its not forced, just natural.  Of course, there are plenty of occasions when you won’t want a smile.  Many of the best portraits ever taken are smile-less.  But when you do need a happy face, this can be an effective technique.  At weddings, of course, capturing the smile is vital.  And its generally easy to do, and prompting for smiles is totally unnecessary. But when the spotlight is on you, and you’re the centre of attention, not everyone feels comfortable. So this can be a neat way of encouraging that genuine smile, especially for the more formal group shots.

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